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The best care that can be provided comes from the partnership of skilled and dedicated professionals working together to combine and focus their strengths. Dr. Filipowicz is committed to working with veterinarians who share his pursuit of providing the highest level of personalized, superior care in a consistent manner. What sets West Coast apart is their willingness to meet with your clients in your exam rooms, to take the time to assure them, and to reinforce what has already been discussed. Our goal is to make them feel as comfortable with their surgeon as they do with you.

West Coast also makes a point of being as unobtrusive as possible. We provide everything but the patient, the anesthesia equipment, and the anesthetist (though the latter can be provided). We will meet with your technical staff, answer any questions, teach anything necessary which may benefit the patient, and do everything possible to avoid disrupting the workings of the hospital around us. After surgery, we will quickly provide you with immediate and longer term post-operative recommendations. Follow up calls are routine. And if rechecks are indicated or are just desired, Dr. Filipowicz is happy to return at your convenience to check on the progress of our patient.

Initially an exclusively mobile surgical service, the establishment of a stationary base of operations does not detract from the mobile side of West Coast’s practice. However, for those cases which you wish to refer, we are excited to offer our new 24hr facility. No effort has been spared in equipping this practice with state of the art surgical equipment. From modern anesthesia monitoring equipment to bone stimulating ultra sound units for each orthopedic patient, West Coast’s new facility is truly remarkable. Overnight care is provided by those same clinicians who have been entrusted with your cases for years. And you can further rest assured that cases sent to West Coast will be returned to you after only what you have requested has been performed.

Please view the Surgical Procedures page for a partial listing of the procedures that West Coast can provide in your hospital. 

West Coast is also pleased to offer consultations regarding most aspects of the perioperative period, from anesthesia and analgesic protocols to facilities management. Please see the non-surgical consultations page for a partial listing.


West Coast provides the widest range of innovative, modern procedures.

Dr. Filipowicz is also available for consultations regarding facilities management, equipment/instrumentation, and perioperative protocols and SOPs.

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