Getting Them Back to What
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Rehabilitation. Optimum Recovery.

Just as in human medicine, post operative management, including physical therapy, plays a vital role in fostering a speedier and more complete recovery for your pet. As part of West Coast’s commitment to your animal, clear and thorough information on the specific rehab approach that best fits your pet’s situation is provided as a matter of course. For those operations in which physical therapy is crucial to help ensure the desired outcome, five sessions are included in your quote. For these cases, Dr. Filipowicz recommends a separate consultation with an animal rehab specialist at Scout’s House to help you devise the most effective rehab program for optimum recovery.

Your pet's program may include hydrotherapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, manual therapy techniques, or low-level laser therapy–all focused on improving your pet’s recovery and quality of life.

Physical rehab therapy for dogs and cats can:



Please visit the Scout’s House website for a more thorough explanation of available services and benefits.


Hydrotreadmill Therapy

Scout's House uses the latest techniques in all therapies, helping each patient reach optimum recovery in the least amount of time.

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